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Andhra Bank Accounts

It is one of the best private banks in India offering very best services to the people of India.

The bank offer services that are made for people with moderate incomes and its features are not very much expensive and they are very easy to manage. Services such as internet banking, rail ticket booking and life insurance are among the most popular services offered by Andhra bank.

The bank is not only working as a private bank but it is also contributing in social activities.

The Andhra bank along other banks such as Canara bank and Indian bank and in coordination of A.P State Government sponsored the Andhra Pradesh Banker’s Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, which offered training to unemployed youth so that they can improve their training skills.

About Accounts

The bank offers different kinds of bank accounts with different policies and benefits that are made for people with different income. The most popular account at Andhra bank is the Kiddy account.

This account is actually made for minors aged between 10 and 17 years.

The best thing about the account is that it can be operated by the account holder who ofcourse will be a minor. Although the account will be opened along the guardian but the account holders will reserve full right to operate the account. But for minors, who are below 10 years of age, the guardian will open the account and they will operate the account until they are 10 years of age.

Terms and Benefits

The Kiddy account also offers the great benefits such as insurance cover with a premium of Rs32 along guardian service charge of Rs20. The minimum balance required for the account is just Rs100.

The bank is made not for people with moderate income but it also serve people with minimum income.

The Andhra bank offers Easy Savings account that has minimum balance requirements of Rs50. Not only that but it also has no charges for not maintaining the minimum balance.

It also gives you the convenience to make as much withdrawal as you want.

Important information to know

It has no service or any other relevant charges, but on the down side it does not support ATM facility and no cheque books are issued. Instead a form will be needed to be filled out in order to withdraw cash from the Andhra bank, and the maximum amount of credit that can be stored in the account is Rs50,000.

It is also important that the total credits in the account should not exceed Rs100,00 in a year otherwise the account will be closed and the account holder will be eligible to open a normal account.

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