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Andhra Bank AB Arogyadaan Scheme

Andhra Bank AB Arogyadaan Scheme or plan is said to be a complete set of Medical fitness Insurance system.

This scheme effectively equalizes the Hospitalization everyday expenditure of your relatives at a very reasonably price, therefore captivating in mind of your physical condition and wealth simultaneously.


Any one who has account in Andhra bank is eligible to achieve the benefits of this policy.

The yearly payment for a cover of Rs 1lacs is Rs 1,988. The age criterion for first time treatment is 65 years and for renewal 80 years.

Basically Andhra bank AB Arogyadaan scheme is a fitness assurance plan headed to complete hospitalization operating cost that is held upon the member, the beneficiary of this service doesnot even needs to pay even a single penny in this regard.

One of the plan presented by Andhra Bank is Floater Policy, this policy calculates the sum insured by the policy holder and it revolves around him during the plan period, however this plan may vary from one another.

Andhra Bank AB Arogyadaan Scheme gives two plans for their policies:

a) The plan one allows dealing to wife and two needy kids away from each other than the benefits that comes from the prime Account.

b) The Plan two, option allows treatment to main bank account owner, wife, two needy kids and the mother and father of this account holder.

Reliant daughter shall stand for, till the daughter is single or jobless.

Assurance cover up toward the needy male youngster is limited until he turns to 22-26 years or else he is getting a job or getting married.

Terms and Conditions

Expenses in respect of the following specified illnesses will be restricted as detailed below:


1. Cataract It gives 10% of SI subject almost of Rs.25,000/-
2. Hernia It provides around15% of the SI subject to maximum of Rs.30,000/-
3.Hysterectomy It pays 20% of the SI subject matter to around Rs.50,000/-
d) Following Specified major surgeries -
i. Cardiac Surgeries
ii. Cancer Surgeries
iii. Brain Tumor Surgeries
iv. Pacemaker implantation
For sick, sinus syndrome
v. Hip replacement
vi. Knee joint replacement
Provides 80% of the SI subject to maximum of
Rs.4 Lac

Pre & Post Hospitalization in respect of any illness Definite operating cost subject to most of 10% of Sum provided

The starting of this Policy:

This policy comes in existence as soon as the beneficiary pays his first premium and this insurance cover till the end of the year; however this policy can be renewed as well before the expiry period arises or from the day the policy is commenced!

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