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HDFC is one of the largest banks in India comprising of more than 54000 employees in over 780 cities in India.

It was voted as the Best Bank in 2010 by Economy Times.

It has more than 1700 branches with an online network of over 5000 ATMs.

The bank actually earned a profit of over $487 million that is actually 40% higher than its previous year, which makes it a very successful bank in the country.

The HDFC bank offers numerous services and products and they have a long list of different kinds of bank accounts, such as regular savings account, savings plus, savings max, no-frills, pension, kid’s advantage, kisan club, classic salary, regular current, premium current, apex and max current accounts are few of many.


The HDFC bank offers different kinds of accounts such as savings, current, fixed deposit and demat account.

The demat account is a special kind of account and it is designed to help people invest their money into stock exchange market.

People can open a demat account and deposit their money into the account and it will be invested by the bank into Indian stock exchange. The account holders will then receive a fixed interest after the completion of the tenure.

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts are also very popular and there are large numbers of people who are using the HDFC bank saving account.

The most basic savings account is the regular savings account and it has a minimum deposit limit of Rs10,000 for metro and urban braches, and Rs5000 for semi-urban and rural branches.

It is also important to maintain the minimum quarterly balance requirement.

Current Accounts

Current accounts are also very popular especially the plus current account.

It is offered in more than 780 cities and it has very exclusive features such as free transfers of funds in bank accounts.

It also gives you the feature to transfer funds of up to Rs10,000,000 in other bank accounts inside the city, which is mush higher than other banks in India.

You also receive up to 50 free demand drafts and pay orders per month and it can be issued from any branch of HDFC bank.

The bank also has an exclusive service of InstaAlert that keep the account holders updated about the activities related to their bank accounts.

You can even manage your account through SMS, check balance on internet and do all the things on phone.

The bank also has 24/7 customer care service to assist your queries.

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