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HongKong Shinghai Banking Corporation, which is commonly known as HSBC is a renowned banking institutions of the world.

It is running its operations successfully in all around the world. It has a good repute in Indian market as well.

The stakeholders of the bank in India are proud to tell that it is one of the leading banks of the country.

HSBC Subsidiaries (India):

There are number of subsidiaries of the institution, which are running their operations efficiently including, HSBC Global Resourcing, HSBC Asset Management, HSBC Electronic Data Processing, HSBC Operations and Processing Enterprise, HSBC Insurance Brokers,

HSBC Private Equity Management, HSBC Professional Services and many other institutes. All these subsidiaries form a group which is known as HongKong Shinghai Banking Corporation.

Achievements and Services:

HSBC is the first bank who has introduced the ATM first time in India in the year of 1987. Bank is offering number of services through the wide network of its branches present in different cities.

Moreover, bank is offering international credit cards of different types from MasterCard and VISA.

It is also officering VISA debit card to its account holders.

There are ATMs to withdraw cash anytime, Call Center to help the customers 24/7 and the facility of internet banking to the customers available.

Financial Services:

HSBC offers a wide range of services to its customers in India. If you are a customer of the bank then you can easily invest in the stock market and bank will provide service of custodian management to you.

This service also makes the investment more secure. Almost all the corporations running the business in India are having a corporate banking relationship with HSBC. It provides them the services like trade facilities, Deposits, Payments, working capital finance, management services regarding cash, syndications and many more.

The Group is also beneficial for the all types of businesses. You can maintain a business account of any type here.

Technology and other Services:

The group use latest technology to make the delivery of quality services effective. More than 150 latest ATMs, service of phone banking, latest computerized system to keep the database of its customers, facility of online payments, card system that supports the debit and credit cards from MasterCard and VISA are the part of using latest technology.

HSBC is providing number of other services as well.

There are licensed insurance brokers of the group, which are offering different insurance policies. A subsidiary is also providing the audit services to conduct an internal audit of the HSBC Group.

In short, there are number of internal subsidiaries that are working for managing the internal affairs of the group.

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