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The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India is commonly known as ICICI Bank of India.

It is one of the major financial institutions of the Indian banking sector. By statistics of the past years, it is shown that this organization is named as the 2nd largest commercial bank of India and having the honor of largest private organization due to market capitalization.

The bank has a network of branches that covers the maximum area of the country with having more than 2000 branches. The banking setup of the organization also captures the international market by making sure its presence in 18 countries.

ICICI Bank is offering number of high quality products and superb financial services to its customers at every level. That is why customers from corporate and retail levels prefer to rely on this renowned organization.

Excellent Services

The bank is considered as the shining star of the investment market of India. Bank is also offering the insurance policies of different types. It is also recognized as one of the early banks who have introduced the credit cards in the country and now it is the largest issuer among all.

The bank has 5219 ATMs in all over India at different destinations and also retains a large number of customers, which is round about 24 million. Shares of the bank are listed at the stock exchanges of major cities of India.

Account & Deposits

ICICI Bank is offering different bank accounts like current account, saving accounts and fixed deposit accounts as well.

The bank is also providing the services of NRI banking, corporate banking, Business banking and many more services. Mobile payments are also one of the latest services of the bank to its customers and management has worked effectively to make it more secure.

ICICI Bank is also offering the online services to its customers and a customer service center is always available to solve the problems of their valued customers.

ICICI Bank is continuously making progress to increase its circle in India. Now most of the areas of the country come under the coverage of this banking network.

Highly qualified management team is working deliberately and with great courage. The vision of the bank is to make lives industrious while being responsible.

That is why all the officials are highly committed to the objective of providing high quality and unique services to the customers. The bank aims to provide the optimum satisfactory services to its customers so that will also help the organization to grow faster.

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