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Kotak Mahindra Bank Accounts

The kotak mahindra bank is a one of the new upcoming banks in India and it offers a number of financial services and different products.

Some of the most popular products by kotak mahindra bank include saving accounts, term deposits and current accounts are among the most popular.

Savings Account

The kotak mahindra bank accounts especially the savings account are used by a large number of people to make savings from their salary.

There are different kinds of savings accounts and they have different features that are designed for different people with different income and life style.

For instance the ace savings account, it is designed for people with high annual income and it offers numerous exciting features such as free gold ATM debit card that is also a Visa card and it is accepted internationally around the world.

And you receive a supplementary Visa ATM debit card absolutely free of cost. It also offers a great benefit of free unlimited demand drafts between kotak mahindra bank branches. The minimum quarterly balance requirement is Rs50,000.

Current Accounts

The kotak mahindra bank accounts also comprise of current accounts such as the neo current account.

Along SMS, net and phone banking it gives you great features of preferred banking, which is actually the preference that is given to you on your account. You receive faster cheque collection and processing of the cash.

You can also ask the bank to deliver cash of up to Rs500, 000 at your door step or at office, which is much secure and safe. You can simply walk into any of the kotak mahindra’s branch and acquire the benefits of kotak mahindra bank accounts.

The elite account is another current account and it is offered free home banking service, free cheque collection and kotak ActivMoney facility.

You receive dedicated customer relation manager services that will pay special attention to your needs.

Term Deposits Account

Term deposits accounts are used to make an investment and earn a good profit after the completion of the tenure.

The kotak mahindra bank accounts have term deposits with tenure that range between 7 days are 10 years and the length of the duration depends upon the kind of term deposit account you have signed up for. For instance the regular tern deposit account has a minimum deposit requirement of Rs10, 000 for existing customers and Rs25, 000 for new customers.

The interest of the deposit also varies with the length of the tenure.

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