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Kotak Mahindra Bank

It is one of the fastest upcoming new banks in India. It has more than 200 branches and over 800,000 customers across the country.

It started as a financial service company and it then stated serving as a bank after the permission from Reserve bank of India.

The bank offers number of services and they have a good reputation in the banking sector of India.


The kotak mahindra bank offers many services such as current accounts, savings account, term deposits accounts, loans and insurance.

The most popular service by the bank is the saving account, and it is widely available by other banks India and it is widely used by many people.

Some of the savings account includes ace account, pro, edge, nova, corporate and easy savings account.

The bank also offers free gold debit card along a supplementary card, free unlimited demand drafts between kotak mahinfra bank branches. The gold debit card is also a Visa supported card and it is easily accepted around the world. It also offers a very high cash withdrawal benefit of Rs175,000 per day from ATM and point-of-sale.

It requires some documents such as identity proofs, residence and signature.


The kotak mahindra bank offers products such as credit cards, global debit cards and compliment cards.

The bank has a range of credit cards such as royale signature, aqua gold, fortune gold and some other varieties of credit cards. The most basic credit card is the fortune credit card and it has no interest for first three months and it offers interest free cash withdrawals for up to 48 days.

It also offers you railways surcharge waiver for both online and offline bookings.

Trump credit card

Another very exclusive credit card is the trump credit card, which offers 10% cash back facility on all major restaurants and on movies and plays as well.

The eligibility criteria is very simple and easy, it requires to have an income of Rs300, 000 per year.

The card holder should be between the age of 21 and 65 years and the additional card holder should be atleast 18 years of age. And both the card holders should be Indian nationals.

This card is only eligibly for people living in the city of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Dehli, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad.

There are numerous other great features by kotak mahindra bank. The card also offers discount packages at different merchants such as airtel, big fix, landmark and other popular outlets.

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