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Punjab National Bank offering the several accounts like saving fund account, current account, fixed deposit accounts, credit schemes accounts etc

Saving Fund Accounts:

Saving fund account include Punjab National Bank prudent sweep, total freedom salary account, Punjab National bank Vidyarthi SF Account and Punjab National Bank Mitra Saving Account.

Punjab National bank prudent sweep account can be opened for any individual or any private institution, and the staff of that institution can also open this account, where as the opening deposit should be Rs 500/-.

Total freedom salary account offering to the cooperate employees to save their salary in a safe place and credit monthly salary to their account.

Bank also offer loan to those having total freedom account at very low interest rates, the opening deposit balance can be zero.

The other two accounts Punjab National bank vidyarthi SF account and Punjab National bank Mitra saving account are also consider as Fund Saving Accounts.

The holders of saving fund account have the opportunity to avail the home loan which is up to 75% - 80% offered by bank for their customers. And also have the opportunity to apply for car finance with a minimum monthly installment which will be very beneficial for the customers.

ATM/Debit Card

Furthermore, the bank also offers ATM/Debit Card for their saving fund account holders which can be used nationwide, moreover the bank facilitate their customer by “nomination facilities” and “deceased claim cases”, these facilities including lockers, safe custody etc.

The saving fund account holders can nominee their relative to look after their account after death and they can maintain their account as well making transaction can be place by the nominee.

Current Accounts:

Current Accounts include Punjab National bank smart roamer, Punjab National bank Vaibhav, Punjab National bank Gaurav.

Punjab National bank smart roamer account usually operate by the small firms and organization where are the Punjab National bank Gaurav and Punjab National bank Vaibhav mostly prefers by the large organization, further how the credit card is the most comprehensive facility for the current accounts holders and they facilitate by the excessive limit.

Moreover the current account holders are highly eligible for housing loans, car finance, personal loan, professional loan, education loan, loan against mortgage of property, Punjab National bank financial Basket, privilege card and many other opportunities the current account holders carry.


The bank also offers the loan for organization for the betterment of their organization as well as Punjab National Bank facilitate them by comprehensive services and other profitable schemes for organization.

The current account holders have also the opportunities to avail the nomination facilities and the holders nominate their account to any individual or organization with terms and conditions.

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