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Punjab National bank Loans

Punjab national bank is the third largest bank of India registered in 1894 and now become the second largest state owned profitable bank In India. It provides people to live with ease and provides them better schemes.

Educational Loans
Students of India who are eager to get higher studies in India or in abroad Punjab national bank provides them quite a lot of loans. Punjab National bank also includes the insurance with kotak mahindra insurance for the borrower of their educational loans.

Educational loans are also offered by the Punjab national bank for the graduate and post graduate students in India. A student who is studying a professional course or vocational courses from a recognized and registered universities or Indian nationally known institutes can concern for Punjab national bank loans.

The eligibility criteria for Punjab national bank is only for Indian national students. Punjab national bank gives educational loans to only those students who get passing marks in the qualifying test.

Punjab national bank has some limits about providing their loans to the students or to their parents. Students can borrow a maximum of 7.5lacs and 15lacs for studying in India or in abroad correspondingly.

Terms & conditions
Besides there is a edge of 5 % if students are taking 4lacs and they are studying in India, then the edge is 15 % for studying in a foreign country. A borrower needs to present third party for approving his 4lacs loans. If an applicant is borrowing 7.5lacs above then bank guarantee of a third party.

Car loans
Punjab national bank offers the car loans for their clients at very small amount of interest and the people get their own car in easy and speedy way with a negligible documentation process.

The Punjab national bank car loan is offered to all types of vehicles like cars, jeep, van, trucks and buses, sports vehicle and old vehicles not older then 3 years or more.

The eligibility for car loans Punjab national bank offers is the car is only for private use as well as for business use. The quantity of loan for person who is borrowing the loan 25 times of the monthly salary or 25lacs for one or more then one vehicle which is very low. For business purpose no maximum amount for one or more then one vehicle.

The edge for new vehicles is 20 % and for old 30 %. The security included the partner or third party guarantee or in other cases bank needs your partner to increase its income.

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