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Savings Plan

The Royal bank of Scotland in India offers a wide range of saving plans that are tailored towards meeting or even surpassing individual customer needs.

It offers loads of tax efficient savings and ones that ensure you are working towards meeting your life’s objective.

Before deciding on choosing the numerous Royal Bank of India Savings plans available, it is important for individual to consider or choose the drive or goal that is propelling him/her into saving, get down to doing worthwhile calculations so that you identify the ideal savings plan and the last step is to ensure you are keeping track of your savings so as to weigh whether you are meeting your objectives or working any closer into what your goals were.

The Saving Options available

The options available for Royal Bank of Scotland savings plan include the business reserve where you put excess of your money and get to plan for them.

Then we have the direct reserve where you instantly get to manage surplus funds you might be having.

The Royal bank of Scotland savings plan comes in handy in ensuring 24 hrs supports for its customers both on the telephone and online. The savings plan also has no minimum amount to be maintained and has no monthly charges commonly referred to as ledger fees.


We also have the savings for tax savings plan. An interesting provision by the Royal bank of Scotland in India that allows you has some of your money set aside for future paying of taxes.

This saving plan was tailored after the consideration that there can be times when you business could be having a tax deficit that needs to be paid and this can bring a bad image on the cash flow thus need to set aside some money for this.

The most common Royal Bank of Scotland savings plan is that one where you have fixed bonds.

Or a saving by use of the bonds the bank offer very lucrative returns.

Returns that you are bound to like an existing customer can also take advantage of when bonds are coming to an end.

This is where when the bonds you have are about to expire you put the bonds back so that they can go on earning more and more interests.

It is important to note that the numbers of bonds are usually limited and thus an individual ought to be on alert and act with intent. There is need to grab or take advantage of the numerous customer tailored unique plans offered by the Royal bank of Scotland in India.


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