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United bank of India kisan credit card

United bank of India is the largest bank in India and people who are the customers of this bank are of all types from rich to poor.

It includes farmers also and the common name for them in sub continent is kisan and in India most of the part is covered by village so there are the number of people who are poor and their source of income is only based on farming so they required some schemes which are useful for them,

united bank of India provides them with United Bank of India kisan credit card which is only essential for farmers in India.


The main idea behind this scheme is to provide manners and a time credit in order to comprehends their credit necessities for enchanting up their agriculture and associated activities at single place with elastic and simple way, come with in reach of adopting farm which includes the credit needs for a short interval of time.

If a farmer applies through United Bank of India kisan credit card, it would be convenient for him to pay back in easy installments.


The eligibility for this is farmers must have its cultivated loan in order to take the loans for their crops for a small time period. This card is provided to the famers if they have some others activities like they have dairy and poultry farms floriculture or horticulture etc so kisan credit cards covers all types of agriculture and related activities.

This card is given to only a single borrower and parties and different clubs are strictly prohibited to take this card and a single person can only get this on merit based. People who are blind and illiterate can also take this card but they have to give security that they won’t misuse this card or use it for wrong purposes.


The purpose of issuing this United Bank of India kisan credit card is to provide major facilities to farmers.

It is of both types for a small period of time as well as for specific credit facilities to farmers through single credit cards.

This credit card holder divides in to three types

• Credit for a small period of time and crop loans

• Assets credit for agriculture and allied activities

• Term credit which has to be repay further than 12 months

Terms and Conditions

The least credit limit is up to 20000 to 25000rps and maximum is Rs 10lacs in the shape of term loan and this upper limit loan shall be certified by the G.M. for security.

The validity of card is 5 to 7 years and it should be confirm with the guiding principle issued by RBI, NABARD and BANK from time to time in order to get agriculture advances.

As from guide line no margin is required for 50000 loans. Therefore it can be said as United Bank of India kisan credit card gives opportunity to farmers to cultivate more and get their agricultural equipments through this card at low interest rates.


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