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United Bank of India

It is a state owned financial service company based in the city of Kolkata, India.

The bank was founded in 1950 and it has more than 1400 branches all across the country.

The bank was first formed in 1969 and headquarter was setup in KolKota.

And it then becomes one of the 14 banks that were nationalized in 1969. It is also interesting to know that the united bank of India has a former name that is Bengal Central bank limited.

The bank was actually formed by a group of organizations, which are Comila Banking Corporation, Bengal Central bank, Comila Central bank and Hooghly bank; although the idea of the bank was first proposed in 1900 but it was actually formed in 1950.

The bank now has more than 1500 branches across the country and it is still expanding.

About the Bank

After nationalization the bank actually focused on providing services to different areas of the country and particularly to rural areas where people do not have access to banks and they absolutely cannot get the benefits from the banking sector.

The united bank of India designed special policies and schemes that can support and help these people to make their life better.


The united bank of India offer number of services such as deposit account that further has numerous accounts such as children savings account, bonanza savings account, re-investment plans, capital gains account, united gold current accounts and many others.

Savings account is one of the most popular bank accounts offered by the bank.

The account can be opened by both individuals and by a group usually belonging from a same family.

The account can also be operated by a minor as well but under the supervision of a guardian. The minors are classified between the age of 13 and 18.

The accounts at united bank of India are also liable to interest on daily product basis.

United Children Savings Account

These are among the most exciting accounts available offered by many banks and it is termed as the first saving of the life.

Minor savings is usually operated by guardians but these saving accounts are actually operated by the minor aging between 13 and above but through the guidance of guardians.

The minimum balance required for the account is as low as Rs50 and account holders are offered with colorful cheque books.

United Basic SB Account

It is another very popular account offered by united bank of India. The best thing about saving SB account is that it has no balance requirements and it can be opened with even zero balance.

There are numerous other bank accounts for different customers.

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