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United Bank of India Loans

United bank of India is one of the best states owned in India along bank of India, central bank of India, bank of baroda and Punjab national bank.

The bank offer numerous services that are much more than most of the private banks. United bank of India loans are very popular and it has many customers that is mostly local residents.

The bank has many loan services that suit the income of people living in India; such as housing loan, smart loan, personal loan, demand loan and car loan.

Housing Loan

The most basic scheme is the housing loan and it is usually used for construction, repairs, renovation, upgrades and furnishing of apartments and houses. People use such united bank of India loans to build and furnish their house according to their taste or just change the theme of the house.

The housing loan scheme offer customers to acquire loan for at least 10 years and it also allows you to take another loan after completing the previous loan.

It is important for the customer to be at least 21 years of age and should have a regular income through a business, salaried or self salaried occupation.

Indians living outside the country (non resident Indians) are also eligible to acquire the loan.

The loan schemes has different limits that vary with areas of the country; for instance the fixed maximum loan that can be acquired at metro areas is Rs5000,000, Rs4000,000 for urban, Rs2500,000 for semi urban and Rs1500,000 for rural areas.

Smart Loan

The smart loan scheme is actually made for customers who have already borrowed the loan from housing loan scheme. The bank does not require any verification document to acquire the smart loan.

The minimum amount of the loan is Rs20,000 and the maximum amount of the loan is Rs100,000.

There is no such kind of eligibility criteria except that the customer has completed at least two years of house loan scheme; but it has a processing fee equivalent to 0.5% of the loan. The smart loan is basically a top up on united bank of India loans.

Car Loan

It is another one of the most popular united bank of India loans and there is a big market of automobiles in India.

The car loan scheme has different loans available for new and used cars, which is Rs3000, 000 for new and Rs600,000 for used cars that should not be older than 4 years.

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